About Cosmetology



In the Beauty industry an employee may expect to be compensated through one of the following: Independent Contractor, Hourly wage, Commission, Own a salon. A successful cosmetologist or one employed in a related field may expect minimum earning of $12,000 to $15,000 a year. A highly skilled professional dedicated to the profession could earn as high as $40,000 a year. Today there are many employment opportunities that provide excellent benefits including paid holidays, insurance, and continuing education.


Students entering the beauty college might be adversely affected by long periods of standing or sitting, or by being exposed to chemicals used in the Beauty industry. Student's whom are affected by these conditions should obtain a doctor's release before entering the College or continuing school. Examples of such conditions are Asthma, Pregnancy. or Allergic Reactions to odors from certain chemicals used in the profession. Persons with health conditions, nervous conditions, or emotional conditions may want to consult a physician before considering enrolling in the Beauty School.


On the first day of class or during orientation, Basic safety requirements are discussed. Safety instructions include but are not limited to information on how to safely store and use chemicals and equipment associated with the specific course of study. Safety instructions are an ongoing procedure taught throughout the entire course.


All graduates must pass a State Board examination to receive a license to practice in Texas. These examinations are conducted by PSI exams. The school will assist with the scheduling of the examination for the student. Cost related to the examinations are the responsibility of the student.