Code of Ethics

The school has, as its principle objective, the training of qualified cosmeticians and to render the best possible service to patrons.The school aggressively seeks to improve its methods of operations in order to keep abreast with the ever changing developments and techniques in cosmetology. The school observes all rules and regulations issued by the Texas cosmetology commission and Health department. The school encourages its instructors to keep abreast of the latest teaching methods in Cosmetology in the way of reading educational books and attending teacher refresher or Advance courses, workshops and trade shows. The school participates in education conferences and regional meetings in order to advance the cosmetology profession. The school makes use of acceptable reading techniques and training aids (textbooks workshops, Films, filmstrips and other audio-visual aids) for instruction of its students. The school purchases only high grade standard equipment, materials and supplies to be used for Instruction of its students. The school refrains from recruiting students that is already attending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study. The school advertises truthfully and makes honest representation of its students. The school refrains from any form of advertisement or criticism, which might reflect unfavorable on other schools and the cosmetology profession.