School Rules & Regulations

1.     School hours: classes: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
2.     Students must clock in before 8:30 a.m.
3.     Profanity, fighting, arguing, bad attitude, screaming any physical
contact with another, stealing, or any unethical or unprofessional
actions of any kind will not be tolerated. This can lead to immediate expulsion or termination.
4.     Students caught gossiping about other students, staff, or patrons, may lead to expulsion or termination.
5.     Do not stand at, or enter the front desk and dispensary area unless authorized by the school staff.
6.     Customers belong to the school. They are here for your benefit. The school will not
tolerate rudeness or any type of unethical conduct or language with the clients. Students cannot refuse a service, or a client. Any student refusing a client will be clocked out and sent home, possibly suspended or terminated. Customers are your best friends.
7.     Students must inform the school manager when being absent. Please call the school before 9:00 a.m. if you will not be attending for the day.
8.     An instructor must check all services that students perform on clients. Please raise your hand and call for an instructor. Do not yell. All work must be checked.
9.     Be courteous to your fellow students, staff, and instructors, and above all your clients.
10.   Students are not allowed to sit on the arms of chairs or in the dryer chairs or sit with feet in or on the equipment, or stations. Students should be working on your manikin assignments or on a client.
11.   Students must follow all sanitation rules and regulation, as outlined by the Texas cosmetology commission. Refer to your law book for these guidelines. Academy of hair design also has rules of sanitation and disinfecting procedures. All of these rules must be followed. Cleanliness is mandatory. You must practice cleanliness at all times when on the time clock. Daily duties are also mandatory while on the time clock. All students help in keeping the school clean. If you cannot perform any duty listed on the duty roster, please bring a doctors excuse stating that you cannot perform what duty. Without documentation, you are required to keep your work area clean at all times, and assist in the cleanliness of the school.
12.   Academy of hair design is a drug free school. No drugs or alcohol will be tolerated. Immediate termination will result if any student is caught violating this rule.
13.   Guns, knives, pepper gas on key chains, cell phones, beepers, any laser item, radios, cd players, etc. Will not be allowed in the school. Any item that might endanger anyone will be cause for immediate expulsion or termination.
14.   Students can receive only emergency phone calls. No personal calls, incoming or outgoing. Students will not be allowed to receive any phone calls while servicing a client. Please have anyone calling for emergencies to identify who they are and what the call concerns. If it is an emergency the student will receive it.
15.   Students will receive a ticket when given a client to service. Do not service a client without a ticket, even the clients that are no charge. Sometimes clients will ask for services after they have paid and received a ticket. They must pay for all services. If a student performs a service that is not listed on the ticket, the student will be responsible for paying for the service, if the client refuses to do so. If a client should ask you for a service that is not listed on the ticket, then you are to collect the money and take the ticket to the front desk for payment and get the service added to your ticket. Students refusing to pay for the service that they gave and did not collect for can lead to expulsion.
16.   Students must be in school uniform while on the time clock. This includes proper uniform, shoes, socks, and nametag. Students will not be allowed to clock in if not in school uniform.
17.   Uniforms and shoes must be clean, pressed and free of all stains, while attending school. Hair must be neat and make-up worn unless it is against religious principle or culture. Facial jewelry will be very limited. No do rags, bandanas, excessive jewelry, hats, caps, or nose jewelry. Facial jewelry consisting of piercing will be very limited for safety purposes. Please ask what is allowed before wearing. Any facial jewelry that might be allowed to be worn must be very small.
18.   Students must park in designated areas. Students must park in the third and fourth rows in the front of the buildings. Students at these locations are not allowed to park in the front, side or rear of the building.
19.   All eating and drinking must be in the break area only. Food items, drinks, or gum chewing is not allowed or permitted on the laboratory floor. No exceptions to this rule. All food items, drinks, lunches, that are left over from your lunch must be discarded. Do not leave it anywhere in the school. There are to be no food items in your lockers.
20.   Please keep all items and supplies in your locker when not attending school. Lockers must be kept in a sanitary condition at all times. Please keep them clean and free of all items not related to cosmetology or manicuring.
21.   All students are allowed a lunchtime. Lunches are a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes. You must clock out and in while on lunch. The school furnishes a microwave and refrigerator for your convenience. Students exceeding the maximum lunchtime will be written up. Students receive 2 breaks per day when time allows. Morning break and evening break. An instructor will assign lunches and breaks to you. You are not allowed to take lunch or break without the permission of an instructor. Please make no plans for certain times for lunch or breaks.
22.   Academy of hair design is a smoke free school. Students must clock out and back in when going outside the building for any reason. (smoking, etc.) You only receive two breaks per day, and this includes your smoking breaks. You receive two breaks per day. Regardless of smoking or nonsmoking. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Please discard of properly.
23.   Borrowing is not permitted. If anyone complains because of this there will be locker checks and station checks done by the instructors.
24.   Stealing is not permitted, and will not be tolerated; you will be terminated when caught.
25.   Students are not allowed to have visitors during school hours. A student will be required to clock out and sit in the waiting area if a student needs to see a visitor. Visitors are not allowed in any area of the school unless they are receiving a service visitors must stay in the waiting area. Do not invite guests to have lunch or breaks with you. This is not permitted.
26.   Students must stay away from a student while he/she is servicing a client. Do not go and start a conversation with the student. This time is the customers’ time. The student must devote all attention and conversation to her/his client.
27.   Students must use clear see through book bags, tote bags, purses. Etc.
28.   Students are not permitted to leave the school without permission from the manager.
You must attend school according to your schedule. (8:30 - 11:30   8:30 - 3:00   8:30 - 5:00 etc.)
29.   Students are responsible for their own personal property and equipment. These rules and regulations may be changed at any time at the discretion of the owner/director. And any subsequent changes will be posted to the attention of the students