Safety Regulations
1.      Properly label all products
2.      Read mixing and application procedures for products very carefully
3.      Measure products accurately
4.      Store all chemicals in a closed, locked cabinet
5.      When opening bottles, direct away from the face
6.      Keep products in their original containers
7.      Soiled towels must be kept in a closed container
8.      Clean towels must be stored in a closed cabinet
9.      Sanitize metal implements in 70% alcohol
10. Combs/brushes must be washed in hot, soapy water, immersed in a disinfectant, rinsed, then stored in a dry sanitizer
11. Chairs, shampoo bowls, workstations must be sanitized with a disinfectant
12. Floors must be kept clear of obstacles
13. Spills must be wiped up immediately
14. Protect patrons with a proper drape
15. Handle sharp implements safely
16. When using electrical equipment, never stand on a wet surface, or handle with wet hands
17. Repair or destroy frayed electrical cords immediately
18. Never handle a razor without its guard in place
19. Keep all equipment and furniture in safe working condition
20. Do not put scissors, razor, clippies or other tools in uniform pocket
21. Never allow electrical cords to dangle from counter edges
22. Turn off all electrical appliances when not in use
23. Keep chemical products and chemical fumes away from patrons face
24. Always test the heat of a product before applying to patron
25. Smoking is not allowed in the school building
26. Student must always wash hands after each patron service
27. Keep lids on all products
28. AH trash cans are to have a liner with the lids kept on at all times
29. Hair must be swept up immediately following haircut service
30. Students must wear rubber gloves when applying chemical
31. Floors must be kept clean and free from trash
32. Left over chemicals must be disposed of immediately
33. Dirty combs and brushes must be stored in a closed container
34. Clean combs and brushes must be stored in a clean, closed container containing a fumigant
35. Before starting a wet hair service, have patron remove earrings
36. Grasp electrical cords by the plug when removing from outlet
37. Return all tools, equipment, and products to their proper place after use
38. Chemicals are to be used only with permission of an instructor
39. Have a first-aid kit available
40. Report all accidents to instructor immediately
41. The school is governed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
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